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Bishop Basil dedicated all of his life to the Lord...

Bishop Basil (Rodzianko).
On the Jesus Prayer.

The Jesus Prayer is for moments of repentance. But in between these moments one is in the atmosphere of the Spirit, wordless and motionless - in the silence of deep hesychia which penetrates everything, including daily work. It is constant, never hindering earthly activities of any kind, but rather sanctifying them. We live in this atmosphere like fish in water. Only sin can interrupt this atmosphere and every sin is possible only outside of it. When this happens, the Jesus Prayer is the ladder back.

This is the answer to the question of how it is possible to pray constantly. People say they cannot repeat the Jesus Prayer without ceasing. But there are two ways to cease that prayer - either up or down; in the silent glory of the Holy Spirit or in sin. This is the "unseen warfare." "The Kingdom of Heaven is acquired by force."


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